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Magic Tire Sales offers low priced fast shipping parts for all Belarus Tractor Parts. Low Prices on parts for Belarus tractors, including Belarus 250as, Belarus 825, Belarus 525, Belarus 562, Belarus 572, and more! Toll Free: 1-800-356-2336.

Our replacement parts for Belarus tractors are top of the line. We only sell brand new high quality tractor parts and at times can help you get hard-to-find used Belarus parts as well. On our site, we back up our parts with an industry leading warranty.

The Belarus tractor was one of the most popular tractors in America in the 1980’s. Although known as efficient and easy-to-fix, good Belarus parts are hard to find, as the number of Belarus tractor dealers is dropping every year. So if you own a Belarus tractor and need to replace specific Belarus parts, look no further! TractorJoe has got replacements for the Belarus tractor parts you need to keep your tractor running smoothly. No need to waste your time searching other sites for used or brand new Belarus tractor parts- we have everything you need right here in our expansive inventory, at up to 70% off dealer prices!  And if we don’t have the exact part you need for your Belarus tractor, then we will see if we can get it used! All you have to do is contact us through one of our channels- including over the phone, by-email, through instant chat or by filling out our simple parts request form and let us know which Belarus parts you need to replace.

  • Belarus Part Models 500, 500A, 505, 520, 525

  • Belarus Part Models 560, 562, 570, 572

  • Belarus Part Models 800, 800M, 820, 822

  • Belarus Part Models 802, 805, 825, 825R

  • Belarus Part Models 900, 920

  • Belarus Part Models 902, 905,922, 925, 1025  

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